Jess Grech


Adding fuel to the fire.

For my great Uncle

Amateur Stories of a Trombonist. A three book series written and designed for my great uncle Jack Somers
who passed away November 6, 2003. These 3 books separate and depict 3 various segments of Jack's life.

For my grandmother

Memorial designed for my Grandmother, Shirley Grech, after she passed away September 9, 2009. The poem is
dedicated to her four children.

Fear, Anxious, Sadness, Grief.
It was time to go with disbelief
I could not use my last breath,
To say the things I wanted to confess.

Love, Pride, Happiness, Content.
I couldn't wish more with the life I spent
To tell every thought of mine,
It's with Jesus I will wine and dine.

Faith, Confidence, Certainty, Respect.
Watching you grow up was more then I could expect
All the memories and stories fill my mind,
From the pain and sorrow I was blind.

Absent, Astray, Missing, Ghostly.
Are things I will never come to be
Feel my spirit and hear my thoughts true,
Because I will never leave the side of you!
-Jess Grech

For my father

Garden Gang plush product line, packaging, and book series created to depict bed time stories told by my
father to my two sisters and I.

For my teammates

Mock tickets I designed for my friends, to commemorate the end of our first partial season ticket share.

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